Testimonials from our members:

Probably the best indication of the program’s effectiveness is the many years of individual attendance!

KCES Award Pins 2017

 5 Years – 2012

  • Kip Butler
  • Chuck Falkner – Adelle
  • Alan Lindsay

10 Years – 2007

  • Lyle Bennett  – Dodie

15 Years – 2002

  • Vicki Pedlar – Art
  • Marc Steinbach – Vivian

Special Mentions

16 Years

  • Arnie Krezanski – Val
  • Bernice Sebastian

17 Years

  • Doug Kaulbach – Helen

18 Years

  • John Moxness

19 Years

  • Ken Bernath

21 Years

  • Lenore Trudel – Lorne Butt

26 Years 

  • Roy Edwards

39 Years

  • Ken Adey

Think about it – we think the record speaks for itself…

Sandy C. writes:

“I came from a similar program at Toronto General Hospital and joined KCES in 2009. I am completely satisfied with the exercise program, and confident in the competent and caring team of trainers from COACH. We enjoy great camaraderie on the track, and can say we all trust the team, and especially appreciate their voluntary extra-mural visits to members with health issues.”


Bob E. writes:

“I started following a heart attack in 2010. The program requires only the discipline to come to it  Once there the social and shared experience makes it easy to perform the physical work. I am in better shape in my late 60’s than I was in my 40’s.”

“Their attitude is an important encouragement to keep with the program.”